Neiman • Sharks Tooth on Link Chain, 14k Gold Filled

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This genuine shark tooth necklace makes a bold statement. Held with 14k gold filled construction, the sand-polished shark tooth is suspended from a faceted link chain. The ancient tooth charm has character and visual intrigue, evoking the mystery of the ocean depths. Both durable and attractive, it's a conversation starter that can be layered or worn alone. This piece is perfect for beach lovers, ocean enthusiasts or anyone seeking a natural yet refined accessory.


ELEGANT DESIGN: 14k gold filled shark tooth pendant on 20" faceted link chain. Unique shark tooth necklace captures the intrigue of sea life in a piece that's perfect for ocean lovers or anyone seeking a distinctive look.


VERSATILE PIECE: Can be worn long or doubled up for extra flair. Mix and match with other chains and pendants in your jewelry collection.